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BBC News: Soldier killed in Canada shootings
Wednesday 22nd October 2014
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Live BBC News for Shropshire

Festival not 'commercially viable'

An arts festival has been cancelled because of "insufficient support" to make it "commercially viable" in 2015, organisers say.

'World-class' tiles go on display

A "world-class" collection of tiles are put on display at a Shropshire museum donated by a collector.

Hundreds of new sites now 'at risk'

English Heritage adds more than 660 sites to its at risk register and says Bedlam furnaces in the Ironbridge Gorge urgently needs a roof.

Ambulance funding 'not possible'

Hundreds more ambulance staff would be needed in Shropshire to meet response targets, a report says.

MP settles newspaper complaint

Conservative MP drops complaint against the Sunday Mirror prompted by a story that led to the resignation of a government minister.

VIDEO: Political week in 60 seconds

The political headlines from the West Midlands

UK's 'Greatest Geosites' announced

Ironbridge Gorge named in 'people's favourites'